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PALM BEACH – Azure Beach Residences Aruba speaks for itself the moment you set foot on the place. The luxurious real estate has all ingredients to offer you a 5-star-de-luxe plate. Located right on the beach, offering a blend between your own condominium with some advantages and experience of a hotel and all amenities that belong to a spot in heaven. Who else can explain it better than the dynamic sales team? Meet Marinelda Cataya, Veronica Gomez and Douglas Rey.

Douglas: “Tower 1 has 45 units on the northern and southern corner and is due to be finished this June. We only have 3- bedroom units on the southern corner available, all rest has been sold already. Than we offer 2 units at the upper level of the Clubhouse which has on the ground level the restaurant and the lobby and on the upper level the gym, area for grill and a pool table.” He continues explaining that Tower 2 will offer 60 units and they have just opened the inventory about a month ago. “We already sold 13 units. The Tower is scheduled to be ready in the first quarter of 2020 and offers studios, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom units and 3- bedroom penthouses at the 8th floor.”

Big Pluses

All condominiums face the clear blue ocean with the white-sandy beaches, even the ones on the ground floor. Space wise you cannot go wrong: the 2 -bedroom
condominiums are 1024 sq. ft. and the 3-bedroom units 1670 sq. ft. Storage is included so just leave your chairs and bicycles locked up, even when you rent out your units, rooms are offered in lock offs meaning your personal belongings stay safe in one locked bedroom while the rest of the place can be rented out. Veronica: “The big pluses besides the best location and luxurious units of Azure Beach Residences are the 24/7 security so back home you can be completely at ease, together of course with the safety of the island.

The maintenance is taken care off like the pool, the landscape… it is all arranged, we have a front desk with concierge services who make reservations for dining
and tours and we are also children and pet friendly.”


Marinelda: “Two infinity pools, a Jacuzzi area, tennis court and club house with gym, sauna, grill and pool table are available. Important to mention is that we are
energy efficient as all units have double glass, we use a well for watering the garden and solar panels for lightning. We are most eco-friendly as possible.”

The three sales colleagues are happy and driven. They love the connection with the client and the creativity that comes with the job. Veronica: “I am in Sales for
about four years, before I was an English teacher so a completely different area. I find it challenging to learn about the market, learn to listen to what each client has to say and to find what they are looking for, to proceed and make a purchase possible. We do everything from the part of sales, leads, the social relationship, the after sales, we help with all alternatives on the island for furnishing and the locations where to go.”

Douglas loves sales and the fact that he can make a client happy to own a piece of paradise, to him is very fulfilling. “I studied 5 years ago in The Netherlands, Den Hague, International Business & Management. I came back to Aruba and I had the background of selling timeshares at the Marriott, I am with Azure 4 months now.”

Marinelda is an engineer and sales was new to her until a year ago. “I love to work with this team and 2018 has been very good. In these 3 months we already sold what we sold last year. People can see what they get as we almost finished Tower 1. The location sells itself: between high and low rise and we are the last project here in front of the beach as the rest is part of the sanctuary.

We also see more clients purchasing in Aruba that owned condominiums elsewhere before but choose for a hurricane-safe environment.

With Azure Beach Residences you have the best of both worlds: your freedom with a condominium, but the comfort of a hotel.”

For more information you can visit the website https://www.azure-aruba.com. The sales office is open every week day from 9 AM -5 PM, Saturdays 10 AM – 1 PM.

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