Aruba: The best place to invest in the Caribbean!


What do you think of when you picture Aruba? Probably soft white sands and deep blue waters. You’d be right to think this, however Aruba is also one of the best economies in the Caribbean to invest in!

As it’s a part of the Netherlands, Aruba is a safe environment for investors. The island has one of the most stable economies with inflation that range between 3% to 4% annually. Not only this, but Aruba also has a fixed exchange rate of 1.79 Aruban Florin per US Dollar.

Aruba’s economy is based on tourism. In 2018, the Queen Beatrix International Airport handled over two million visitors. This airport is considered the most modern in the entire Caribbean and is well equipped to handle the vast number of tourists. The island has a high human development index, and low rates of poverty and unemployment.  

The continual influx of tourists means that new products and services are always in demand. It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses and brands that are looking to grow and expand to the happiest island in the Caribbean. 

That’s not all though! The island offers incentives to those investing in real estate in Aruba. Foreign investors can apply for permanent residence as long as they own property on the island and receive an annual income of 60,000 USD.

Azure Beach Residences has its own incentives for investors, including their Rental Program. This program was tailored for partial residents, such as owners that use their units only a few months of the year. These lucky owners have the chance to get an excellent return on their investment by renting their apartment to tourists who are looking to experience the luxury and comfort of Aruba. 

Aruba is a paradise in every sense of the word, and by investing in the One Happy Island, your investment will remain safe and protected while providing you excellent returns. Get in touch with us now to find out how you can become one of Aruba’s most successful investors!



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