Is it safe to travel to Aruba?

Is it safe to visit Aruba right now? That’s the question that everyone is wondering. Well, our lovely happy island, and we are entirely ready to have you back! According to the government of Aruba, the island is open to visitors once again, guaranteeing your safety and ours. This is possible because of the efforts of all Aruban.

Scheduled reopening on the happy island!

Aruba’s reopening has already begun. The plan of the government is to start allowing the arrival of tourists according to the following schedule by region:

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Our island reopening is related to the recent news that Aruba has zero cases of COVID-19. We did it! All of our efforts have been rewarded: we can welcome people to enjoy the happiest island in the Caribbean. It’s time to start your plan to travel to Aruba!

How Aruba is keeping you safe?

Citizens, government, and stakeholders made our Caribbean paradise a safer place. And now, all the local tourism-related businesses are improving the hygiene protocols to meet the required standards to earn their “Aruba Health & Happiness Code” (HH-Code).

The HH-Code is a certification that ensures all of Aruba’s visitors that we follow the highest and safest protocols. This certificate, issued by Aruba’s Tourism Authority and the Department of Public Health, gives every local business a golden code that will be visible in all the public places that accomplish the safety standards.

Azure Beach Residences, always thinking in your well-being, already got the health and happiness certification for your peace of mind.

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But this is not the only thing that Aruba is doing for you! The island is making more changes to ensure your safety on your next trip to Aruba. By safety, we don’t only mean your health since Aruba’s authorities are also taking measures to protect your happiness.

With the program Happily Ever After, couples can book their wedding on the One Happy Island with the guarantee of a postponable policy for a whole year. This type of program, among others, is why so many couples decide to celebrate their wedding in Aruba.

Aruba has reopened, and we are ready! Are you?

Reopen schedules, Health & Happiness codes, and a lot more is happening on the happy island. And we are part of that too! Azure Beach Residences is fully open, and our Tower II is ready to move in.

Since May, many owners are moving to their luxurious apartment in our condo. This makes us very happy and thankful to all our team and their efforts. We can proudly say that even during these challenging times, our construction was delivered on time, as we promise.

At Azure Beach Residences, we are excited about these initiatives and the reopening of our beautiful island to all of you! Soon, you’ll be back with your better half or family in your luxurious apartment on Eagle Beach.

We are ready to welcome you back! Are you ready to change your lifestyle forever?

Say yes to all the goodness of living surrounded by the luxury and comfort that you deserve in Aruba.

See you soon!
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