The countdown to Tower II at Azure Beach Residences continues! June 2019


Greetings from the sunny, paradisiacal and vibrant Aruba! At Azure Beach Residences, we’re glad to share with you the progress of our real estate development, the most luxurious and exclusive in all Aruba.


In the previous months, we have been working hard on the plaster coatings of the walls in all units. As luxury is on small details, we’ve paid special attention to make all finishes perfect. Every detail is thought for you and your comfort.


We’ve also made progress on the rooftop of Tower II, specifically on the finishes of the soffit and plafond. These details will improve the aesthetic line that you deserve to enjoy on the happiest island in the world.


To many people, the bathroom is the most intimate place of their home, a place to disconnect from the outside world and get relaxation with a cold or hot shower. At Azure Beach Residences,  we keep adding efforts to give you your dream getaway place. In this occasion, we informed you that we’ve achieved significant progress in waterproofing and installing high-quality tiles in the showers of all units.


Last but not least, our breathtaking infinity pool in Tower II will have all its tiles soon. This is good news for those who’d love to enjoy refreshing dips, basking in the sun, or just relaxing in this beautiful area of Azure Beach Residences.


As you can see, Azure Beach Residences has progress day by day to be ready to welcome you and your family. Soon, you’ll enjoy an experience of maximum comfort and luxury in Aruba. Stay tuned to our updates section; don’t miss any of the news on the progress of your new Caribbean home. See you soon!


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