Progress in Tower II is continuing apace


Greetings from beautiful and sunny Eagle Beach! As usual, Azure Beach Residences provides you with all the information about the construction progress of our complex, specifically in Tower II. We’re closer to finish with each passing day.

On this occasion, we have significant advances to show you in the area of the infinity pool of Tower II. We’re pleased to announce that it will be ready very soon. Our team has been working hard on the porcelain finishes. We ensure that our materials are of the highest quality for you and your family to enjoy the luxurious appearance and texture you deserve.  

Also, we can report advances related to the landscaping in the area around the infinity pool. Many of the plants that will embellish this place were already sown and are growing nicely. 

Last but not least, let us tell you about all the progress we’ve made indoors so far. We’ve begun the installation of the electric connections and the appliances that the European-style kitchen of every unit will feature. 

So, have you made your decision to invest in a new home at Tower II of Azure Beach Residences yet? No? You better make it soon as every day fewer units are available! Contact us today and experience the highest luxury standards in Aruba with Azure Beach Residences.

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