What is it like living in Aruba?


When you first visit Aruba, you can’t help thinking about what it would be like to live on this paradisiacal island. Azure Beach Residences understands you. That’s why we have prepared this article, which has the most interesting facts to help you learn about the lifestyle on the happiest island in the Caribbean.

So, let’s address the first topic: the language. Aruba has two official languages, which are Dutch and Papiamento. However, English is also widely spoken because of the high influx of American tourists all year long.

As for the weather, Aruba offers a paradise experience 365 days a year. Furthermore, Aruba is officially recognized as the island that has the sunniest days with temperatures ranging from 25 to 32 °C, which means that you’ll enjoy warm weather throughout the year.

Another significant consideration is Aruba’s economy. The official currency is the Aruban Florin which has a fixed exchange rate of 1.5 Florins per US Dollar. Also, you don’t need to exchange your dollars to Florins, because paying in Dollars and receiving change in Florins is a common practice.

Although official Aruban population stands at 110,000 inhabitants, the island has a high human development index, a premium public service infrastructure. Thereby, Aruba guarantees a high quality of life and safety for all its residents.

Last but not least, let’s talk about entertainment in Aruba. It is well-known that Aruba is considered the happiest island in the Caribbean. This title is partly due to the many activities that the island offers for your enjoyment. Here are just some of the entertainment options you can enjoy in Aruba: casinos, restaurants, malls, golf courses, walking tours, beach tennis, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and diving. 

Aruba awaits you with open arms and can provide you with the life you deserve and crave. Contact us! We are more than happy to help you become a lucky owner of a beachfront apartment in paradise.

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